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Dog Leash Law

The majority of property owners in Tall Tree are owners of loved pets that are a part of each owner’s family.  However, sometimes our pets can be a nuisance, be a threat, or appear to be a threat, to others.  The board has received many complaints regarding pets running loose.  These complaints have merit and have necessitated a ruling regarding pets running “At Large”.  Any pet not on a leash or chain or inside an enclosure will be considered “At Large”.

 A few of the complaints have been as follows.

  1. Property Owners with dog on a leash cannot walk their dog without other neighbor’s  dogs chasing them.

  2. A small child was cornered in a garage by a neighbor’s large dog.  A frightening   experience for child and parent.

  3. Dogs using neighbor’s yards for excretion purpose.

  4. Dogs destroying shrubs and flowerbeds.

 All property owners are encouraged to resolve problems between themselves.  If this cannot be done and the board receives a complaint, regarding a problem pet, the following penalties will be assessed.

  1. a.     First Complaint        -   Warning

  2. b.     Second Complaint  -   $50.00 Fine

  3. c.     Further Complaints  -   $200.00 Fine

 These fines will be added to the POA dues

The POA and you as a Property Owner could pay a high price for any legal action caused by a pet “At Large”.  Your board wants a safe and enjoyable environment for all residents, guests, and pets.

 All dogs must have a current vaccination record on their collar.  A phone number and street address tag is helpful should your dog become lost.

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