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 Most, if not all, of the property in Tall Tree is privately owned.  The majority of the property owners are against having any "off the road" vehicles trespassing on their property.

 "Off the road" vehicles can be described as all terrain (ATV’s, three and four wheelers, SUV’s, motorized bikes, etc.    

 All these vehicles, when driven off designated roadways, cause erosion, damage to drain ditches, and are a potential safety hazard.

 The POA Board has been encouraged to take action against individuals and their guests who violate the restrictions against "off the road" vehicles.  Therefore, the following penalties will be assessed for violations:


                   First offense         -         warning

                   Second offense     -        $50.00 fine

                   Further offenses    -        $200.00 fine

 These fines will be added to the POA Dues.  Delinquent fines will be turned over to a collection agency.

 Special Reminder:

 Individuals traveling on designated roadways with licensed, tagged vehicles are expected to follow all posted speed limit and stop signs.

 Excessive speed, reckless operation and unsafe action could result in assessment of warnings and/or fines.

 Special Note:

 Let’s work together to ensure Tall Tree continues to be a pleasant and safe environment for all residents and their guests.  Let’s protect everyone’s investment!


The POA Board of Directors