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The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a general overview and answer some common questions about the ACC approval process which will hopefully make your application submittal easier.  This is not all-inclusive, so when in doubt, please contact the ACC Chairman at talltreepoa.com. You may also refer to the Covenants and ACC Policy/Rules documents for more detail.  To prevent construction delays, please submit your application (available on the website) at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your project.  If you do not have all of the necessary information available, a preliminary discussion of your project with the ACC chairman might be helpful.  For FCWD rules concerning construction on Water District property, please visit http://www.fcwd.com/content/rules.php.


Fences, decks, reroofing, driveway locations and upgrades all must be approved by the Architecture Control Committee. Any outside items or exterior remodeling of any kind must be approved before construction begins.  If the project requires a permit from FCWD (homes, boat houses, retaining walls, etc.), the Committee cannot approve an ACC application until it has a copy of the FCWD permit.

  1. The drawings furnished with the application for a new structure or addition, should include all four elevation views and a plan view as well as a site plan showing location on the lot. The elevation views depict the front, back and sides of the structure.  The plan view shows the foot print of the structure. The site plan shows the lot and the location of the structure on the lot relative to the water, the street, and adjacent property lines.

        An add-on structure may require fewer views.  In order to determine that the proper setback is provided, the ACC requires that stakes be placed to outline the footprint of the structure including any attached decks. The stakes should be accurate to within one foot.

2.     Culverts installed on easement sections of property must be a minimum of 12” in diameter and constructed with corrugated plastic or concrete. A permit is required and installation must be supervised and approved by Tall Tree.

3.     Fences must be located within front, rear and side property lines.  Fences shall be approved by the ACC committee on an individual basis with consideration given to neighbors and view on either side of fenced property.  A current survey is strongly recommended before installation. Please see policy XVI for more information. A permit is required.

4.     Live tree removal is limited to the extent necessary for construction. nbsp; Additional tree removal must be approved by the ACC committee.  A permit is required. Our goal is to be reasonable on this issue and we realize there are a variety of conditions.  We are doing our best to prohibit clear cutting, which adversely affects property values.
5.     Minor exterior home improvements that do not require a permit are; dead tree removal, demolition of structures less than 150 sq ft, gutters, landscaping by owner, painting, routine home maintenance and repairs. Minor interior home improvements that do not require permitting are; painting, carpet and flooring, paneling, doors and trim, and appliances. A detailed scope of work will help determine if a permit will be required. Please inquire with the ACC before any other types of construction to avoid costly mistakes and fines.
6.     New home construction -The current fee of $1.00 a sq ft is for the living (conditioned) area. This fee amount will include clearing of lot, excavation and fill for residence, septic system and driveway, provided that all items are done within the permit period (1 year).  Decks, Porches, patios, garage and or carport will be an additional charge as per the fee schedule.

7.     Prefabricated metal carports must be placed within property setback boundaries.  No metal sides are permitted to be attached to the structures. A permit is required.

8.     Remodeling- Some examples of remodeling vs. home improvements would be; Partial or complete gutting of drywall, removal of 1 or more walls, construction of 1 or more walls, stairs or other structural additions or changes.  A detailed scope of work is required and helps determine the fee.

9.     Septic systems must comply with all state and local regulations.  A copy of the approved Franklin County septic permit and septic engineers drawing must be included to obtain a Tall Tree septic permit.

Contractor/ Owner responsibilities

1.     Due to narrow road widths and limited turn around space, the use of 18 wheel semi trucks for material or equipment hauling must be preapproved and met at the nearest gate. All dirt, rock, sand and concrete are limited to 6 yards per truck load.

2.     The builder must provide a portable restroom for the construction crew as deemed necessary by the ACC Committee.

3.     Drainage easements and barrow ditches are not to be altered in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the ACC. No drainage of any kind is allowed to be directed onto adjacent lots

4.     All construction materials and debris must be containerized and not allowed to blow onto other properties. Building site must be kept reasonably clean throughout the term of construction.       

5.     It is the responsibility of the property owner to be sure that construction is on the correct lot(s) and that all of the easements and right-of ways shown on the Site Plan are correct.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure compliance with any and all state, FCWD, and local requirements which may be applicable.

6.     Property owner is liable for any damage to the Subdivision roads, water systems, facilities, etc., which may occur as a result of his/her actions, or anyone in his/her employment. It is with understanding that he/she may be billed at 2x the actual cost of repairs. Failure on the part of the contractor to comply may result in his/her ability to conduct future work in Tall Tree.

7.     Construction is permitted from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 8 am to 3 pm. Construction is not allowed on Sunday or holidays.

9.     Approved permits MUST be posted on all projects visible from the street prior to any construction.

Failure to comply with Tall Tree Architectural Guidelines are punishable by fines up to $2000


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